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The Raymone K. Bain (RKB) Companies, LLC, is a premiere, full service, boutique firm, which specializes in management and public relations. The company’s strategists, public relations, and public affairs professionals, have over 30+ years expertise and experience, with extensive contacts and relationships in all segments of the media, including print, electronic, (television and radio), and digital. 


Raymone Bain, has created and produced some of the most innovative, creative, and effective media, branding, and marketing campaigns for a wide and diverse group of individual and corporate clients.


We work very hard to make sure our clients remain relevant in today’s ever changing social and business culture.




We have represented some of the biggest, most prominent and influential individuals in the world, from the areas of music, sports, entertainment, government, politics and religion…individuals who have set the bar for excellence and greatness.



Our Services Include:


-Crisis Communications & Damage Control Campaigns

-Brand Management

-Proactive Media Campaigns

-Basic Public Relations Services

 (biographies, press releases, etc.)

-Event Planning, Production, and Management

 (coordinated by certified event planners)

-Sponsorship Opportunities

-Endorsements and Corporate-Sponsored Outings

-Tour Publicity

-International Branding Opportunities

-International Appearances, Marketing, and

 Promotional Opportunities

-Social and Political Engagement

-Community Management

-Ad Buys and Creative Development

-Video Production (creating, shooting, editing

and producing)

-Web Development and Maintenance


General Management:


We help high-profile individuals and celebrities manage their lives and improve their organization’s (large or small) performance, by implementing what is necessary for it to run in an efficient and cost effective manner. Clients will often request that we recommend and/or retain and supervise a diverse group of professionals on their behalf. 

These include:


-Security details

-Celebrity stylists, hair artisans, makeup artists,

-Linkage to Internationally renowned fashion designers

-World renowned and Award-winning photographers

-Licensed Real Estate agents

-Licensed chefs and nutritionists

-Licensed experts: attorneys, Certified Public Accountants,

 Financial/Business managers, etc.

-Web designers, and Social Media assistants

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