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Raymone Bain: Keeper of the Famed”

Keywords: “Raymone Bain”  “Keeper of the Famed” “Washington Post”

Former DC Mayor, and Ward 8 City Councilman, Marion Barry, Jr. on

Hiring Powerful Media Maven Raymone Bain

Raymone Bain: Washington Life Magazine

Keywords: “Raymone Bain”  “Power Source” “Washington Life Magazine”

“Raymone Bain Talks About Life with Michael Jackson”

Sister-2-Sister Magazine

“Power Players: Five Spelman Women Changing the Game in the Sports Industry”

Spelman Messenger Volume 122, Number 2, Spring 2012

Keywords: “Raymone Bain”  “Spelman Messenger” “Spring 2012”

“The Many Publicists of Michael Jackson”

“Michael Jackson’s Manager: Bieber’s Bored-Connect the World”

Keywords: “Raymone Bain” “CNN” “Justin Bieber”

“Michael Jackson’s Former Manager Raymone Bain Speaks out on Paris Jackson”  Keywords: “Raymone Bain” “Paris Jackson”

“MJ’s Former Publicist Raymone Bain Clarifies Tax Issue”, July 5, 2011 by EURPublisher01

*"Past and Present Client Photograph Listing"

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