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Raymone Bain, Esquire, Chairman, The Raymone K. Bain Companies, LLC, in Washington, D.C., has a distinguished career as one of the country’s most influential problem solvers, media strategists, policy analysts, international brand experts and spokespersons. She is a crisis management and damage control guru, grassroots campaign manager, and longtime public relations and public affairs executive in corporate, entertainment, music, politics, government and sports. Bain is often referred to as "spokesperson to the stars. "She is best known for her personal representation of Michael Jackson, Serena Williams, Janet Jackson, Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, Boyz II Men, Steve Harvey, The Reverend Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner and the African American Clergy Network (which represents over 1,000,000 parishioners) and DC "Mayor for Life" Marion Barry, Jr.


In 2006, Michael Jackson made history again by namimg Bain, an African American woman, as his personal General Manager and President/COO of the Michael Jackson Company. He subsequently appointed her to the Board of Directors of Sony/ATV Music Publishing; as his Music Licensing Agent for MIJAC, MIRAN and Sony/ATV Music; as Trustee of MJ Publishing Trust; and,made her a 10% owner of The Michael Jackson Company as well as appointed Ms. Bain to the Board of Directors of the company, making her one of the most powerful and respected women in the Entertainment industry. In an October, 2006, Washington Post article, Michael Jackson was quoted as saying that he trusted Bain implicitly, and considered her to be one of his closest advisors. As Chief Executive Officer of The Michael Jackson Company, Ms. Bain successfully led the $360MM refinance of the Sony/ATV Music Publishing loan;and,increased the value of Mr. Jackson's Publishing empire to $2.3 Billion through strategic catalogue acquisitions. Ms. Bain was Mr. Jackson liaison for over 3,500 media reps who covered the 2005 Jackson trial on a daily basis. Ms. Bain Continues to be interviewed by major networks on public relations and public affairs topics and sports and entertainment related topics


  • 2012-2013: Finance Committee: Terry McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia

  • 2008-2009: Finance Committee: Terry McAuliffe for Governor of Virginia

  • 2008-2009: National Women’s Leadership Committee-Obama for America

  • 2008-2009: National Finance Committee, Obama for America

  • 2007-2008: National Finance Committee, Hillary Rodham-Clinton for President



  • 1992 Clinton Presidential Inaugural Committee.

  • 1993-1994, Advisor to President Clinton’s National Services Program, which later became the highly acclaimed Americorps

  • 1992-1996 Clinton/Gore Presidential Campaign. Secured and supervised celebrity surrogate speakers and, 1992-1996 Clinton Presidential Inaugural Committee

  • 2002 International Aids Trust


  • Juris Doctor [JD]. Georgetown University Law Center. Washington, D.C.

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Political Science, Spelman College. Atlanta, GA.



  • Founding Board Member, Recreation Wish List Committee, founded by former DC First Lady Cora Masters Barry.

  • Member of Delta Sigma Theta sorority


In her October 8, 2006 Washington Post Style section article on Ms. Bain, titled "Keeper of the Famed," Post reporter Theresa Wiltz, wrote about Bain, "Trouble is her specialty. Bain knows how to spin a crisis. She is, after all, a professional who has made a career out of managing perceptions…zealously guarding both her client’s images, and her own. She is master of the game."




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